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Mugi Miso - Spicy Barley Miso

Mugi Miso - Spicy Barley Miso

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Naturally fermented soybean and barley paste with a mildly spicy flavour. Use as a basis for soups, for refining dips, vegetable and rice dishes, or as a delicios spread.
Organically grown.
Contents 250 g.

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Miso is a soy-based seasoning paste, referred to in Japanese mythology as a gift of the gods. ARCHE offers you genuine Japanese misos made according to century old craftsmanship. The starter culture is derived from steamed soybeans or cereals. The miso ripens naturally in cedarwood barrels, during which it develops its unique flavour and particular composition. Miso is highly diverse and can be used to add a special quality to soups, sauces and other savoury dishes. Add miso at the end of cooking in order to preserve its full flavour and ingredients.

soybeans*, barley* (48%), water, sea salt, aspergillus oryzae (noble mould)
* = organically grown.

ARCHE offers international specialities with that genuine flavour and excellent quality. This is made possible by the use of organic ingredients, which are especially carefully selected and processed and subjected to comprehensive quality controls and independent inspections in accordance with EU regulations. This guarantees that ingredients labelled as "organic" really are exactly that. Not all the Japanese products are available from organic farming. However, they are all made according to gentle traditional methods. This, and the thorough inspections guarantee products of exceptionally high quality.

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